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Meet Piero Cozzi

Filmmaster MEA Events has been responsible for many high-profile events. Are these types of events the core of your business?

Spectacular events are a nice challenge, but we do enjoy creating some interesting corporate events. Formal ceremonies can enjoy a twist of creativity if well-adapted and it is rewarding to bring some fresh and strong ideas into this market.

What other types of events do you target?

Filmmaster MEA has emerged as a leading agency championing cross-media strategies. We are extremely agile and can draw on a specialised and diverse pool of resources. We are not tied to specific marketing methods and transcend all platforms by recommending ones that will best answer our clients’ briefs. Whether it’s an event, an advertisement, live activation, experiential marketing, a film or social-media campaign, we will shape the best strategy for the client.

What makes Filmmaster MEA stand apart in a very competitive region?

First of all, the creativity of our agency – any one of our crew and staff can come up with THE big idea. Secondly, we like to provide good service to the client. It may sounds banal, but it is more about the fact that “we are here to help you and solve your problems”. In our company, the word ‘no’ does not exist!

In terms of expertise, what makes Filmmaster MEA unique?

A very good knowledge of the local culture helps us offer targeted proposals in the countries we operate. We adapt: we understand our products have to be unique and respectful of the different nations we work for.

How do you work with clients from concept through to completion?

We like to entirely understand the client’s needs, so we always ask for a meeting for a better comprehension of the project. Sometimes the client knows what he wants, but he doesn’t know how to get there. Once the concept is determined, pre-production will start. We stay very receptive to the client in this phase, because the implementation  at this time is crucial. During production, our role is also to ensure the whole project is on the right track. Good communication is essential, as well as clarity. If a problem happens, we work together to solve it.

Filmmaster MEA has offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Riyadh and Doha – do you find you need to cater differently to each market?

There are similarities between these countries, in the way we approach clients or visually present a concept, but the markets are different. Saudi Arabia runs smaller shows at the moment, but is in search of innovative solutions. Qatar will be more oriented towards big sports events (ceremonies that are one of our strong points) and the UAE is a more competitive market that requires creative skills and intelligent production.

What is the most memorable event you have been involved in within the region?

The UAE’s 40th National Day, in Dubai. We were very proud to have created and organised this show. We blended technology with a human touch and tradition with international choreography.

When a client is organising an event in the region for the first time, what advice would you ask him or her to take into account?

We would recommend him to be daring! People in this part of the world have seen and experienced all kinds of events. We would also invite him to take into strong consideration the local culture. This is, for sure, an important point for the success of an event. Clients also need to be flexible as things can change at the last minute around here and we need to prepare them.

What is the largest event handled so far in the region? How many pax?

The KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science & Technology) Opening Ceremony in Saudi Arabia. We worked for over three months in Thuwal, 80 kilometres north of Jeddah, building semipermanent tents across 22,000 square metres. It was a huge interactive experience, followed by triple HD projections on a 75-metre screen that opened a water and pyrotechnical show and then dinner for 3,500 VVIPs, including 40 Heads of State and Prime Ministers